Journal of Clinical and Medical Images (ISSN 2640-9615)

Potential Efficacy for Treatment of an Intracerebral Tumor by DNA-Based Vaccine

Malignant gliomas were the foremost common and aggressive variety of brain tumors. Current medical care consists of surgical surgical procedure, followed by therapy and concomitant therapy. Despite these treatments, the prognosis for patients is poor. As such, fact-finding therapies as well as growth vaccines have targeted this devastating condition. Recent clinical trials involving therapy, specifically nerve fibre cell (DC) primarily based vaccines, have shown promising results. Overall, these vaccines were well tolerated with few documented facet effects. In several patients receiving vaccines, growth progression was delayed and therefore the median overall survival of those patients was prolonged. Despite these encouraging results, many factors have restricted the effectiveness of DC vaccines. we discuss the potential of DC vaccines as adjuvant medical care and current obstacles of generating extremely pure and potent DC vaccines within the context of malignant brain tumor…

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