Journal of Clinical and Medical Images (ISSN 2640-9615)

About Us

Journal of Clinical and Medical Images (ISSN 2640-9615) Journal of Clinical and Medical Images (ISSN 2640-9615)

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The Journal of Clinical and Medical Images is an open-access journal that covers a wide range of discoveries in various sectors of the clinical and medical fields. Our primary goal is to publish original artworks, including images, presentations (such as PowerPoint presentations), flow chart submissions, and high-quality e-posters, with a swift publication process.

Our journal focuses on interventions in the following areas:

  • Clinical Images: We invite submissions in the fields of Oncology, Immunology, Forensic Science, Ophthalmology, Chemotherapy, and Transplantation.
  • Medical Images: Submissions related to Radiology, Surgery, Dermatology, Dentistry, Gynecology, Arthritis, Urology, Women’s Health, and Medical Microbiology are of particular interest.
  • Authors are encouraged to submit a variety of content, including clinical, medical, biomedical, and physiological images, as well as computer graphics, visualization, tomography, radio imaging, and videos within the scope of the journal.
  • The Journal of Clinical and Medical Images is committed to accepting the highest quality works. If the artwork is clear and meets our standards, we aim to publish accepted submissions within two weeks.

Aims and Scope


Refers to joint inflammation and includes various conditions affecting joints and surrounding tissues.


Focuses on the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions related to the oral cavity and adjacent structures.


Deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders, diseases, and conditions.


Specializes in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders affecting the digestive system.


Concentrates on the diseases and routine physical care of the female reproductive system, often combined with obstetrics under obstetrics and gynecology.


Involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, encompassing various types and related symptoms.


Utilizes radiation and other imaging techniques to diagnose and treat diseases.


Focuses on the treatment of diseases or injuries through physical alteration of body tissues and organs.

Women’s Health

Addresses the overall well-being and healthcare needs of women across all ages, diseases, and body systems.


Deals with diseases of the urinary organs in females and the urinary and reproductive organs in males, including surgical and medical aspects.

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