Journal of Clinical and Medical Images (ISSN 2640-9615)

MicroRNA-Based Targeted Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer (PC) is that the fourth leading reason behind cancer-related deaths within the us and includes a median 5-year survival rate but less than 5%. Though surgery offers the simplest likelihood for a cure for carcinoma, but 20% of patients are eligible for doubtless curative surgery, as a result of in most cases, the cancer has already unfold regionally or to distant organs at identification, precluding surgery. MicroRNAs are little noncoding, endogenous, fiber RNAs that are important regulators of posttranscriptional organic phenomenon. In depth studies of microRNAs over the past many years have unconcealed that the expression of miRNAs is often deregulated in carcinoma patients which this deregulating contributes to the pathologic process and aggressiveness of the sickness…

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