Journal of Clinical and Medical Images (ISSN 2640-9615)

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Lipid Profile of Albino Rats Fed with Ethanolic Extracts of Acacia Nilotica Fruit and Calotropis Procera Flower after Aspirin-Induced Toxicity

1. Abstract Acacia nilotica and Calotropis procera parts are used for various purposes in traditional medicine. Because of their acclaimed medicinal uses, this study investigated the lipid profile of albino rats fed with ethanolic extracts of Acacia nilotica fruit and Calotropis procera flower after aspirin-induced toxicity.

Prevalence of Hyperhomocysteinemia in Patients with Venous Thromboembolism in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

1. Abstract 1.1. Introduction: Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is the third leading vascular diagnosis after acute coronary syndrome and stroke. Risk factors for VTE include hyperhomocysteinemia and others. This study aims to determine the prevalence of hyperhomocysteinemia in patients with VTE in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) and its associated risk factors.

Iatrogenic Pseudoaneurysm in Cardiac Catheterisation. Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment with POCUS

1. Abstract Coronary angiography is currently a common technique in all cardiology departments. Whichever access is chosen (femoral or radial), multiple studies have shown that ultrasound-guided catheterization reduces the incidence of vascular complications. The role of Point-Of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in coronary angiography is therefore multiple, because it allows:

The Coagulation Profile Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients with Standard and Viscoelastic Point of Care Hemostasis Tests

1. Abstract 1.1. Introduction: Coagulation disorders during COVID-19 infection are associated with poor prognosis and disease severity, because two processes that interfere each other are thrombosis and inflammation. Very important issue for clinicians is timely and adequate hemostasis and inflammation monitoring in order to prevent and treat potentially letal consequences.

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